Why Café Baby? 

All baby food is not created equal.

It is this realization that drives our desire to fuel the next generation of healthy eaters with quality, handmade baby and toddler food. We believe every baby deserves access to affordable baby food that is: 

• Flavorful and fun 
• Void of artificial flavors and preservatives
• Not older than the baby consuming it

What Sets Café Baby Apart

Simple Flavors that Grow with Your Baby

We make starting solids simple. Our Solids Starter Pack gives your baby access to a menu of beginner flavors that easily introduce texture and start baby on their unique food journey. 

As your baby grows, our menu expands to grow with them to include more flavors and textures. It has been proven the sooner you introduce a variety of flavors and textures, the less likely your baby will be a picky eater. We support this with flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Baby Ratatouille & Quinoa. 

Bring on the Protein

We are the only online baby food company that offers proteins such as salmon, chicken, beef and pork. We believe proteins are a vital building block for your baby and is a wonderful source of iron in lieu of iron fortified cereals. 

No Subscription 

Your baby's appetite changes weekly. It is pure frustration when you buy fresh food and have it go to waste before your baby can eat it. What's worse? Knowing you have a subscription order coming and you don't need it just yet. 

We believe you should order what you need when you need it to cater to your baby's needs. We're here when you need us and are ready to answer any questions regarding your baby's appetite and what you might need to order at any given time. 

The Next Best Thing to Homemade

All of our food is made by hand from the purest ingredients. We know making homemade baby food isn't always convenient, which makes it easier to justify picking up baby food at the store.

With Café Baby, you don't have to substitute quality for convenience. We ensure your baby gets quality, nutritious food at every single meal so you can have peace of mind knowing you are giving them the very best. 

Flexible Menu Options

We know every family has a different lifestyle and every baby has a different eating journey. Some parents prefer purées, while some prefer finger foods, and others want to combine purées and finger foods. With Café Baby, you can 100% customize your Box between any of our purée and finger foods menus.

Want three containers of Beets, Apples and Cloves? You got it. Need five packs of Green Baby Cakes? No problem. Six containers of Sweetest Potatoes? We're on it. Just click "Shop Now" below, pick your count and start customizing.

By The Numbers

✅  6 months - Freezer
      7 Days - Opened

✅  No commitment
      Order when needed

✅  Food for mom, baby & big kids

✅  6 oz. container

✅  $.66 per ounce

✅  3 months - Freezer
      6-7 Days - Opened

✅  No commitment
      Order when needed

✅  Food for mom, baby & big kids

✅  4.8 oz. container

✅  $1.43 per ounce

✅  3 months - Freezer
      48 Hours - Opened

✅  Biweekly commitment

✅  Food for baby & big kids

✅  4 oz. container

✅  $.87 per ounce

✅  2 months - Freezer
      24 Hours - Opened

✅  Weekly commitment

✅  Food for baby & toddlers

✅  4 oz. container

✅  $.94-$1.45 per ounce