Café Baby’s handmade food seals in flavor and nutrients so your baby gets the very best at every meal.

making starting solids simple

 Our Spoonies menu takes the guesswork out of starting solids.

encouraging happy eaters

With 50+ flavors, we make exploring food fun. 

growing with baby in every stage

Our menu options expand as your baby grows.

for breastfeeding moms too!

Don't miss our Mommy's Milk line of lactation products.

Serving is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Store in Freezer

Your Café Baby food was prepared fresh and then frozen since it doesn't have preservatives. You can store your food in the freezer for four months.


2. Thaw

You can thaw your Café Baby food in the microwave, overnight in the refrigerator or in a warm water bath. 


3. Serve

After you thaw your food, it's ready to serve! Always test the temperature of the food before serving it to Baby. 

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The Café Baby Story - from farmers' markets to a retail store

My name is Chelsi, and I am a busy, working mom. After having my first baby, I quickly realized how precious time is between being a wife, mom, daughter, friend and just doing everyday life can be. I didn't want to sacrifice my baby's nutrition because of the demands of everyday life. Surely I wasn't the only parent wanting to give my baby a balanced diet while staying on top of everything else.
Giving my baby a healthy option has been a top priority for me,  and alter having difficulty breastfeeding. My mom and I were recommended a healthy, trusted company whose mission is to help those families be able to make positive food options for their little ones that are free of chemicals, preservatives and always made with fresh ingredients. This is where we found Café Baby, and met the most amazing mother - daughter duo Jeannie and Sherri. They were able to provide my baby with healthy and quality options, without sacrificing that precious time. Jeannie and Sherri started such an incredible journey, and my mom Tracey and I are honored to continue the path they have created, We are absolutely blessed to help those families and communities looking to give their little ones the best options possible, at an affordable price. We know how precious our time is with our loved ones, and we want to help make the most of it!

Chelsi Pugh

Cofounder & CEO