Café Baby
Daycare Partner Program 

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits and
Earn Rewards 

You and your daycare play an important role in providing quality nutrition and educating little ones on healthy eating habits. What if you could do that while earning rewards for your daycare? 

Café Baby educates and supports parents in understanding and providing proper nutrition, during their baby’s first two years of life. We do this by offering convenient, handmade, and preservative-free baby food products along with live events, chat groups and other resources. 

Together, we can create the next generation of healthy eaters. By signing up to be a daycare partner you will receive:  

  • Material to share with your daycare parents
  • A custom discount code for parents to use on every purchase 
  • Regular communication letting you know how much you've earned

 Sign-up now to start earning. 


  • Earn Baby Bucks which can be cashed in for great daycare items 
  • Parents receive a 5% discount on every order
  • Best of all, your daycare babies get handmade, preservative-free food


Earn Baby Bucks with every purchase your parents make.
Exchange those Baby Bucks for items you can use in your daycare

Eating Utensils
200 Baby Bucks

Art to the Extreme Rock Crayons - 1 Set
400 Baby Bucks

Fisher Price Baby Bouncer
600 Baby Bucks

ABC Mouse License
800 Baby Bucks

 Graco High Chair
1000 Baby Bucks

2500 Baby Bucks

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