Yogurt Melts Recipe

Try this 2-ingredient recipe for a healthy snack, especially if Baby is teething. 


  • 1 cup yogurt of choice (steer away from yogurts that are high in sugar)
  • 2 TBSP Café Baby purée of choice (Blueberry Peaches shown here)


  • Ziploc bag in coffee cup
  • Small baking sheet lined with parchment paper


    1. Mix yogurt and Café Baby purée together
    2. Spoon into Ziploc bag
    3. Cut tip off of Ziploc bag
    4. Dro mixture into dime-sized drops onto parchment paper
    5. Freezer for two hours
    6. Quickly remove yogurt melts from parchment paper into container 
    7. Store in freezer