7 Items to NOT Add on Your Baby Registry

Congratulations momma! Whether you are expecting your first or fifth baby, planning is always a very exciting time. There is so much to prepare for and so very many things to buy. When you start to build your registry, here are seven things we feel you can leave off to make room for items that will be of greater use.  We considered cost, time you will actually use the item, and overall convenience. 

1. Diaper Genie

diaper genie refills

The Diaper Genie is promoted to be a great item to capture and hold those stinky diapers that pile up by the minute. What isn’t considered are the refills you will have to buy every few weeks since you will be going through so many diapers. This adds up quickly and becomes more of a nuisance when you have to empty it all out every few days. We suggest buying standard small 7-10 gallon trash cans and scented liners. Your wallet will thank you and you can keep using them once baby grows out of diapers.

2. Baby Bedding Set

baby bedding set

I am one of a million moms who has focused on having the most perfect nursery for each of my kids. I had to have the theme, bedding, decor… you name it, we got it. However, no one told me I would never fully use the bedding sets we purchased.Babies can’t use the bulky comforters, the diaper holder just hung on the door, and some of the bumpers were actually to thick to ensure baby could sleep safely. So rather than fork over $120+, consider buying custom sheets and decorations separately. You will get the items you will use, save a big chunk of change and not regret the purchase later once the excitement wears off.

3. The Expensive Crib Mattress (Yes your baby still needs one)

Crib mattresses are a must have and need to meet safety requirements to ensure your baby stays safe at nighttime. While this is important, you don’t have to break the bank to ensure your precious little sleeper gets a quality spot to lay their head. Which is why we say avoid adding the most expensive mattress you can find. Cost does not equal more safe. Verywellfamily has a great write up for what to look for in mattresses and agrees with us that you can get a great set up for a reasonable amount.

4. Shoes

baby shoes to avoid

Shoes are a truly a preference of you as a parent. If you want your sweet little one to rock the latest Nikes or Chucks. We get it. They are super cute and who doesn’t love a baby decked out head to toe. What to consider is swapping these for some brand name socks instead. Since babies grow so quickly and aren’t walking until around 9 months of age, shoes can be an added expense that doesn’t walk the walk for some time. 

5. Baby Wipe Warmer

So, who doesn’t like a warm wipe on their tushy? I’m guessing most people would consider that a nice luxury and also useful if it keeps your little from screaming through every diaper change. At $20-$40 a pop, this is a pricier item to ensure tushys stay toasty. Certain brands with poor air flow or seals also tend to dry out a portion of wipes which is a bummer when you have to throw out unused wipes.

6. Bottle Warmer

bottle warmer is an unnecessary registry item

Warm bottles are a must for babies but this can be achieved with a pot of water on the stove. You have to monitor temperature, but for 6-9 months it is worth it to go the pot and stove route rather than adding another appliance you won’t use. Bottle warmers also range in price from $40-$200+ and I am guessing there are a handful of other items you would love to get from your loved ones instead of an expensive short use item.

7. Baby Toys

to many baby toys for baby

From personal experience, don’t add toys to your registry. Encourage family to purchase useful items and clothing. You can selectively go out and grab a couple of items baby can shake and hold to prevent your collection from getting out of hand. Will people still buy toys? Absolutely, but at least it will be in smaller amounts that you won’t end up with a pile of toys your baby ignores since wooden spoons and tupperware or so much more fun. 

We hope this gives you some thoughts to consider as you build your registry. Are we knocking people who own these items? Absolutely not. From experience, we have just found that these are items that are gotten rid of quickly or pushed to the side since they weren’t as convenient as initially thought. Happy registry building.