Starting Baby Food Part 1: When is the right time?

Starting your little one on solids is a wonderful adventure. The feeding experience is full of new things for your baby to explore and, for you, it brings up so many questions. Being moms, we know and understand the hundreds of questions that are running through your mind like, when do I start? What foods do I give? What if they have an allergic reaction? How do I prevent choking?

Having been in your shoes, we wanted to create an easy to follow series that makes it super simple to start your little ones feeding journey. Question number one, when do you start feeding your little one solids?

Starting Solid Food Tips
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and WHO recommends little ones start solids around the age of 6 months. However, this is only a recommendation and the real answer should be based on your baby or when your pediatrician says that it is okay to start. Here are a few signs that your little one may be ready for solid food:

  • He/She can sit upright and hold their head up with full control. 
  • He/She has lost the tongue thrust reflex that automatically pushes food and other items out of their mouth.
  • He/She is curious and takes a special interest in things -- especially what you're eating!
  • He/She still seems hungry even after getting their day’s worth of milk (eight to 10 breastfeedings or about 32 ounces of formula).

We do like to note there is no need to rush this milestone.  Baby’s digestive system is still maturing for the first year of life and is able to process more complex food around 6 months, which is why most babies are ready to start solids between 5 and 6 months. Starting foods prior to four months can cause digestive problems which result in extreme discomfort for your baby along with increased choking risks.

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Baby Eating Solid Food