Starting Baby Food Part 3: Scared of Food Allergies?

In the two decades, food allergy rates have increased to the point where two kids in every classroom have food allergies. We’re not talking about picky-eaters — full-blown, go-to-the-hospital allergies. 

Even though genetics play some role, babies aren’t born with food allergy genes. Two out of three children who develop food allergies have no family history. 

Instead, what happens is that a baby’s immune system gets frightened by a food (like peanut or egg) and treats it like a parasite rather than a nutritious snack.

Once doctors realized food allergies were a mistake, they wondered, “how do we keep a baby’s immune system from getting scared of healthy foods?” 

They didn’t have to look far for an answer. 

Babies are constantly learning.

Babies smile at the adults they have learned are family, but have stranger anxiety with people they haven't met. Babies learn to soothe themselves in their own cribs, but cry all night in new places.

This same idea applies to food allergies.

Doctors discovered babies need to constantly eat different allergens for their bodies to learn that they are safe.

When your baby starts solids through their first birthday is the critical window to regularly feed them peanuts, tree nuts and baked eggs. Your baby’s immune system is always changing through the first year and regular feedings of 2g of protein have been shown to help babies learn that these foods are safe. 

In fact, the EAT, LEAP and CHILD studies proved that regular exposure can cut a baby’s risk of developing a food allergy by 80%. 

But peanuts, tree nuts and muffins (baked eggs) are definitely a choking hazard for your little one. That’s why we made Lil Mixins

I didn’t have safe forms of peanuts, tree nuts and baked eggs to feed my kids. We didn’t yet know about early introduction and so my older son developed 10 food allergies. 

Starting regular exposure to peanuts, nuts and eggs is super simple. You can add Lil Mixins powdered foods into any baby food or even sprinkle it onto soft foods your baby feeds herself. 

Babies are born ready to learn about the world around them. As a parent, you can set them off on the right path.

Check out these links for information on when to feed your baby peanuts or the signs and symptoms of a peanut allergy.

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