Our Feeding Must-Haves

Whyyyyyyy is feeding your kids so stressful?! Humans are made to eat, right? But our little minions start getting selective about what and how they eat, making our lives more complicated. Mealtime becomes a little less peaceful and a lot more belligerent, for lack of better words.

That's why Café Baby exists! Our mission is to make mealtime easier. You can stock your freezer full of our baby or toddler food and it's always ready to thaw and serve. Can you imagine having the kids' food on the table in less than three minutes? Yeah, it's a thing. 

Not only does having food ready to go make mealtime easier, but having the right feeding accessories can help a bunch too! 

Here are our feeding must-haves.

Teach Baby to feed themselves from the start with Grabease

One of my first-time-mom mistakes was not teaching our daughter how to use utensils until way too late. Had I known how hard it was to teach her how to use a fork and spoon, I would have been much more proactive in working on her hand-eye coordination and using utensils.

Enter Grabease. Their utensils are designed to safely nurture independence in little ones who are ready to start feeding themselves. Their patented fork and spoon sets were the first utensils designed with babies’ independence in mind, and they come highly recommended by Occupational Therapists. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in babies' natural hand grasp, making the hand-to-mouth motion easier! Using this set will also help strengthen Baby's fingers while encouraging proper pencil grasp development (this will come in handy later!).Grabease

Get creative with Choomee

I love having a variety of feeding accessories stocked in my cabinets. One of my favorites to keep in the kid's utensils sections? Choomee. They bring a fresh approach to feeding through creative design and believe that food exploration should be fun without the frustration and messiness (I'm a neat freak and can't stand to have a huge mess during meals). Your kiddos are developing motor skills and ChooMee foodware is designed to boost their confidence and encourage self-feeding. Bowls can always be a challenge when learning to scoop.

Their IncrediBowl merges the best of form and function to produce the ideal dish for minimizing the mess. Choomee's signature Dual-flex Technology uses all-silicone to produce a durable bowl with firm walls and a strong suction base that will lock onto any smooth surfaces. Available in three convenient sizes (small, medium, large) and a variety of vibrant color blends. They are also made of 100% platinum food-grade silicone, hygienic and are easy to clean.  It does not deteriorate like plastic products and does not support the growth of fungus, mold, or bacteria. 

And let's talk about their pouch accessories. Not only do they have reusable pouches that you can put your purées in (we love these for Café Baby purées!), they also have the first and only pouch top with flow control and cap. Their SoftSip pouch top provides multiple features and critical benefits for both baby and parent.

Choomee Cafe Baby

Eating on the go with Bibago 

Let’s talk about eating on the go. Did you know that Americans eat roughly 20% of their meals on the go? I mean, how often do you feed the kids on the way to your next appointment? Most of the time, we don’t have time to eat meals at the table as we are trying to get out the door by a certain time. Instead of hitting the drive-thru where you're likely to eat a meal that's not-so-healthy and spend more money, prepare your meal at home and serve in your Bibago bib.

Bibago was founded by Indiana mom Christie Peterson who needed a solution for feeding her kids on the go. She was either feeding them on the way to daycare or in the stroller while training for triathlons. You can pop your kiddo in the carseat, strap the bib on, and voila! No messy meal or kid in the backseat.


Skip the pouch mess with the Flipping Holder

Speaking of feeding kids on the go, how many times have you handed your kid a pouch in the back seat and when you go to get them out, there's purée splattered all over the back of your car? We've all been there. Personally, this has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Momma Leah Boomsma saw the problem and created the solution - The Flipping Holder. It's an encasement with handles that you can snap your pouch into and give to your kiddo - no squeezing or mess! Win, win.

Flipping Cup

Say no to sugary juices and yes to Big T NYC Little T tea for kids

You know what I hate? How much sugar there is in processed juices (I hated this before I started Café Baby). Let's face it - kids really enjoy drinking juice with their meals. But experts agree: sugary drinks are a big factor in childhood obesity. For starters, there’s concentrated sugar. Even 100% juice typically contains as much sugar as—if not more than—an equal serving of soda.

Beyond obesity concerns, there are plenty of reasons to skip juice.

The sugar sitting on your child’s teeth can lead to cavities.

In babies, fruit juice can cause diarrhea and diaper rash.

Juice often contains preservatives to extend its shelf life.

Juice can also act as a “gateway beverage” to sodas and other sweet drinks (yikes!). 

(Steps off of soap box.) All these things considered, this is why I L O V E Big T NYC's Little T couture tea for kids. This tea was created specifically for kids and has all of the yummy flavors and bright vibrant colors kids crave, plus all of the healthiness (all-natural, organic, caffeine-free, sugar-free, vitamin-rich) that you want.

Worried your kid won't like tea? Mine doesn't either but there are two ways to make this tea: hot and cold. I make cold brew tea by the gallon with the large leaf sachet and add lime juice and a bit of organic cane sugar. Tastes just like juice and my daughter loves it! 

Little T

Don't be scared of food allergies with Lil Mixins

I think all parents are terrified of food allergies. Both times I fed my girls peanut butter for the first time, I closed by eyes and stuck it in their mouth, just waiting for a breakout to happen.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that dramatic but it was a huge concern of mine and we hear this from tons of parents as well. It DOES NOT have to be this way! Did you know The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing infants to peanuts and other allergens starting at 4 months, for babies at high risk of peanut allergy, and by 6 months of all other infants?

This is why Meenal Lele created Lil Mixins - to stop food allergies before they start. Babies who are fed peanut protein with their meals 3 times a week may reduce their risk of developing a peanut allergy by over 80%. You can take the guesswork out of introducing the top allergens to your baby with the Lil Mixins guided, monthly system.

Lil Mixins

 Café Baby​ provides health-conscious parents with a convenient, long-lasting range of fresh, handmade baby food and lactation products. These mom and baby friendly foods are fresh-frozen for easy access and are shipped to your doorstep. Shop their age-based menus at www.cafebabytogo.com.