Can teething cause picky eating?

Babies are often extra sensitive while teething, which may be affecting the way they eat. Foods that were previously enjoyed, may now be rejected and tossed aside. This may be confusing for both the parents and the child, but remember - having patience is super important! Changes in babies’ behavior can be extremely frustrating, especially on the parents. It's crucial to keep a positive mindset and attitude when it comes to feeding children, it really makes a difference.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta states that, “Teething is a normal part of a child’s development, but it can be hard on everyone when your baby is in pain or is uncomfortable. Your baby may be extra fussy when they're teething, and eating may be more painful—causing them to reject foods they once enjoyed.”

In conclusion, yes - teething can cause picky eating! Babies in pain are less likely to eat a wide variety of foods, due to an unpleasant feeling while chewing. Here are four tips to help your teething baby.

  1. Gentler, more manageable foods are often better for teething babies, such as purées or softened fruits/veggies.
  2. We often suggest our giving Baby our Green or Pink Baby Cakes frozen. As Baby gnaws on them, they melt in their mouth. Find them on our Grabbies menu.
  3. Slice a banana into three spears and put in freezer for ten minutes. 
  4. Pour your Café Baby into ice cube trays. Stick a popsicle stick into each compartment and freeze overnight.
Café Baby Purée Pops

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